Vapor Degreasers

Baron-Blakeslee has been the industry standard for vapor degreasing equipment for over 75 years.

As the leading industrial cleaning equipment companies, Baron-Blakeslee has maintained the lead in with selling vapor degreasers through our superior in-house engineering, innovative design, continuing research & development, dependable manufacturing standards and a top-notch technical staff.

Learn How Vapor Degreasing works

Inside the sealed tank, liquid solvent is heated to a vapor which envelops the soiled part suspended in the vapor zone. When the vapor is cooled, dirt and contaminants are washed from the part as the vaporized solvent condenses and is drained back into the liquid solvent solution. This cleaning process may be augmented by immersing the part in liquid, or by spraying the part with solvent. Additionally, we manufacture ultrasonic vapor degreasers, which are able to enhance the cleaning of an immersed part.

Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasers

Our experience in the solvent vapor cleaning industry ensures that we manufacture – and custom-design – the optimal solvent vapor cleaning system for your needs and business. All Baron Blakeslee vapor degreasing equipment is engineered to require minimal maintenance, reclaim solvent to reduce waste and expense, deliver years of reliable performance, and meet environmental safety industry standards while delivering the optimal engineering solution for your parts cleaning requirements.

Baron-Blakeslee offers an unrivaled variety of vapor degreasing equipment. Whether your company’s needs can be met by one of our standard equipment lines or you need a custom designed vapor degreaser, we are ready to meet any industrial cleaning challenge.


As of January 1, 2015, most uses of AK-225 (HCFC-225ca) were prohibited in the United States and Equinox provides an ideal solution for users of AK-225 who are considering Solstice PF as a replacement solvent.

  • Designed Specifically for Honeywell Solstice® PF Solvent
  • Also Accommodates Any Nonflammable Fluorinated or Brominated Vapor Degreasing Solvent
  • Cool Down Mode For Solvent Conservation In Idle Periods
  • Small Footprint (only 24″ Overall height), bench top style
  • Operates on 120 VAC single phase, 60 Hz Power
  • Minimal Solvent Charge Required For Operation
  • Made in USA

Lab Kleen Series Degreaser

The M-Series is the top selling vapor degreaser worldwide! It’s available in four different configurations:

  • Small Footprint (21″ high)
  • Operates on 120 VAC, Single Phase
  • Refrigerated Cooling Coils
  • Low Emission Design to Conserve Solvent

M-Series Precision Equipment

The M-Series is the top selling vapor degreaser worldwide! It’s available in four different configurations:

  • MVR-vapor only
  • MLR-liquid immersion
  • MSR-ultrasonic
  • Custom-sizes & designs

Z-Series Industrial Degreaser

The Z Series of industrial degreasers is available in a range of standard as well as custom sizes:

  • Liquid/ Ultrasonic Immersion
  • Vapor

Inline Solvent Defluxers

This in-line cleaner uses the latest technology to clean all of your sensitive equipment of rosin.

  • High Volume Inline Processing
  • Designed For Use With Halogenated Hydrocarbon Defluxing Solvents
  • Cabinetized Design
  • Built-In Solvent Distillation
  • Easy Access Spray Manifolds
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • PLC Control

Custom Designed Equipment

Baron-Blakeslee’s design and engineering staff can find a solution for your company’s industrial cleaning needs, Some custom vapor degreaser designs include:

  • Crossrod Degreasers -designed to clean difficult to degrease or high volume equipment or parts.
  • Monorail Degreasers – which can be connected to your plant’s monorail conveyor belt for cleaning ease.
  • Inline Belt Defluxers-designed to clean electronic circuit boards.
  • Vibratory Spiral Degreasers – for high volume degreasing of specific categories of material.
  • Airless Vacuum Degreasers – primarily used where emission compliance and solvent consumption are the driving factors.

Duo Solvent

Clean better and bigger. Use Duo Solvent to maximize your investment in vapor degreasing.

  • Cleans no-clean and lead free fluxes &solder pastes that could not otherwise be cleaned using conventional vapor degreasing processes.
  • Addresses new challenges in the electronics cleaning industry arising from smaller packaging, lower standoff heights, and finer pitch evident in modern microelectronic designs.
  • High compatibility with plastics and sensitive substrates.